The UK Medical Cannabis Registry is a comprehensive, prospective registry designed to collate outcomes on medical cannabis prescribing. This has been established by Curaleaf Clinic physicians. The aim of the registry is to expand our understanding of Medical Cannabis in the UK by collecting and analysing clinical data.

The academic team at Curaleaf Clinic understand that the future of medical cannabis treatment is centred on personalised medicine and data-driven clinical decision pathways.

We work with academic and industrial partners to ensure that the multiple sources of real-world evidence that we collect are used to bridge medical knowledge gaps and provide a comprehensive insight into medical cannabis therapeutics.

The Registry

The Registry ensures that medical cannabis prescribing is evaluated in a responsible way, capturing essential data including prescribed formulations, adverse events, and patient-reported outcome measures. Data is collected from patients with a range of conditions across the UK.

It has been developed to meet the requirements from NHS England with respect to medical cannabis prescribing in the UK. In addition, it utilises validated assessments of health-related quality of life as outlined by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. This ensures the evidence generated can directly impact clinical and policy decisions.

Dr Simon Erridge, Head of Research and Access at Curaleaf Clinic shares the latest prescribing outcomes from the UK Medical Cannabis Registry (Summer 2021)

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Curaleaf Access Scheme

Patients at Curaleaf Clinic who enrol on the Curaleaf Access Scheme can contribute directly to the UK Medical Cannabis Registry. Through this scheme UK medical cannabis patients can:


Curaleaf Clinic is determined to uphold the highest standards in all research activities and publishes findings from the UK Medical Cannabis Registry in peer-reviewed journals.




For more research from the UK Medical Cannabis Registry and wider industry please click here

All data is anonymised prior to being added to the registry allowing any organisation to add data to the registry. The anonymised data will be made available on request to the medical community for analysis and will greatly contribute to the body of clinical evidence whilst we await randomised clinical trials. It will provide an invaluable resource to guide health policy for the NHS and other health systems.

Your Data

We welcome and encourage healthcare professionals from across the UK to contribute to the UK Medical Cannabis Registry. This will ensure their patient population is represented in this important dataset, to improving patient care, our understanding of medical cannabis and the availability of services locally and nationally. The registry is intended to benefit all patients and physicians and we welcome discussions and questions from the wider healthcare community. All data is pseudonymised prior to being added to the registry. This means that participants are unable to be identified once their data has been entered into the registry. The registry upholds the highest information governance standards to ensure security of individual’s data.

The registry and its data are governed by the UK Medical Cannabis Registry Board. If you would like access to data from the registry or are interested in contributing to the registry, please send an email to registry@curaleafclinic.com or fill out this form.

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